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Looking for New Business ?

Consider the tendering process for Public Contracts. Xtender gives you direct, daily access to contract opportunities from :-
  • National Governments
  • Regional and Local Governments
  • Private Sector
  • Health Authority
  • Educational
  • European Organizations
  • State Industries
  • Public Utilities

What we provide for you

  • Full access to our website, with links to contract notices in our own database.
  • Daily Tender Alerts Email
  • Full profile using CPV codes, Region Codes & unique tenders keyword matching system.
  • Multiple Countries
  • ccEmails to colleagues
  • Multiple profiles (Corporate A/c's) - tenders matched to specific corporate needs.
  • Full Support - Free.

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Public Contracts

Tender Alerts - The benefits to your business

Our information comes from a variety of sources. TED (Tenders Electronic Daily) is the main database of European Tenders. These cover UK, Ireland and the rest of Europe. In addition to the tenders published by the OJEU, we also provide many notices that are below the OJEU publication threshold value. We are able to provide information for all of Europe. Our information is not limited to a specific geographical area.

In addition to the daily Tender Alerts you receive, you will also be notified of the contracts that have been awarded within your specific areas of interest. This enables you to see which companies have been awarded which tenders and the reasons for the award.

Using Xtender technology to find tenders, we can build an in-depth profile of your business and deliver any tendering opportunities, which match your industry and country preferences. This is the easiest way to find tenders for your business.

To make sure you do not miss any vital information regarding public contracts, contact us today and find out about our Tender Alerts Service.

All this for only £450 (€575)+VAT for 12 months
Less than half the price charged by some of our competitors!
No hidden charges - Includes all types of Notices!

Latest Tenders -27/07/17

The details below represent a very small selection of the notices published.

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