Daily Emails

Information is delivered direct to your email address on a daily bases. We also provide copies to colleagues you nominate on your profile

Unique Profiling System

We have a unique software profile system that allows us to match your requirements expertly to notices published from a variety of sources.

Massive Cost Savings

We are able to deliver this service at over half the price charged by our major competitors. We believe that customers should pay for what they get, not pay excess for what they don't get.



Xtender creates a detailed industry profile tailored to match whatever product or service you supply.
Any new opportunities that match your profile are sent to you on a daily basis by email.

  • Free Trial

    We are happy to prove our system will work for you.

  • Profile

    Set up a profile, this allows us to identity notices that are of interest to you.

  • Publication

    Notices are published throughout Europe on a daily basis.

  • Daily Email

    Notices are gathered, we send details of all notices that match your profile.

Looking for Tender Alerts and Cntract Notices


Xtender gives you direct, daily access to procurement opportunities and public contracts from National, Regional, Local Governments, Private Sectors as well as Health, Educational and European Organizations.

  • OJEU Notices for all of Europe
  • Below EU publication threshold notices for UK and Ireland
  • All type of notices included
  • Access to our online database system
  • Free Trial, automatically cancels after 5 days, no charges
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Completely Free Trial

Our trial is completely free and without obligation. The trial cancels automatically at the end of the trial - you will not be charged.

Access to our database

We hold a large database of historic tenders, a subscription allows full access to this data.

Dedicated Support

Support is guaranteed, we are here to help and ensure you get the most out of our service.

no hidden extras

The price quoted includes all aspects of our service.

All type of notices

We provide all type of published notices in addition to Tenders and Contract Notices

Many years experience

We have been providing this service for many years, we have a wealth of experience available.

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